When Things Don’t Go as Planned

This week, Roland and I took a MUCH needed vacation. From the first of the year, we have been in solid wedding mode. Not only our own wedding, but I am a Maid of Honor in two weddings before I get to my own in September. It’s only February and we’ve already received invitations to two other friends’ weddings as well. I love it! All of it! And I’m completely exhausted.

We decided to take a week off to go to Massanutten, a ski resort in Virginia where my parents own a timeshare. The plan was for a few friends to join for the long weekend (President’s Day), spend some time skiing and snowboarding, celebrate our 3rd anniversary, and then enjoy having no particular plan for the rest of the week. On the drive down, it was snowing so intensely that it delayed our arrival, but we were so excited to get here that it didn’t matter.

On the first full day of our vacation the ladies unanimously agreed that a wind chill of -2 was a bit much for us to go skiing. The men, being men, chose to brave the cold for some snowboarding. A girls day of mimosas, chatting, and pedicures was a fabulous start to vacation. We had just returned to the room when our friend Emily received a call from her husband and we headed straight back out to the ER. One broken collar bone later, so began the luck of vacation.

The second day, I woke up with a fever, body aches, and a cough. We changed up our plans, deciding to stay in the timeshare, playing games and watching movies until Wednesday when the last of our friends left. (We did make it out to the spa on Tuesday to have an awesome couples massage for our anniversary!)

Thursday, Roland wanted to head back out to snowboard while I sat in the lodge, still under the weather, catching up on some wedding planning and reading. Roland walked back into the lodge 25 minutes later having fallen so hard that he was limping and done for the day.

A bad picture of Roland I took from the lodge before I realized he was coming back inside.

A bad picture of Roland I took from the lodge before I realized he was down for the count.

Apparently the vacation that we had been craving was not the one we were meant to have. Looking back on the 5 and a half full days of our vacation which have been spent almost entirely in a generic condo, eating food we cooked for ourselves, playing games we brought with us, and watching movies we could’ve seen at home, I would have been disappointed in the past. I don’t know what kind of vacationer you are, but resort-style chilling is not my thing at all. Instead of disappointment, I sit here and see God intervening in my plans and forcing me to take the relaxation time I would not have given myself.

Attempting to take pictures that show the beautiful falling snow.

Attempting to take a picture of us that shows the beautiful falling snow.

An alternate view of my vacation shows this. I have been able to drink my tea through without needing to reheat it twice when it sits forgotten on my desk.

Enjoying Tea

I have soaked in a luxurious bubble bath in the giant jacuzzi tub nearly every day.Bubble BathsI have read an entire book and am working on a second one. I spent quality time talking with friends we don’t see often enough. I crossed several items off my list of 101 Things. I enjoyed it all thoroughly.

In all of my unexpected free time I’ve been thinking about blogging and whether it is something that I want to continue. I realized that I have struggled to write about my everyday life because I always get a better response to my posts about travel. I love to travel. I wish I could have a travel blog. The reality of my life, however, is a full time job, a house, and a wedding in September. Travel is important to me and will always be a part of my lifestyle, but will not be the focus of what I write about. You can expect to see a lot more posts about wedding planning, and daily life. I’m excited to move forward with this and enjoy the little things!