As I mentioned in the previous post, 2017 has been identified as our year of living with intention. We are actively practicing the skill of saying no. It is April and thus far, we have substantially minimized our plans and busyness, focusing our attention on finishing our house.

We entered the year with a new list of 14 goals to direct our year. 3 goals for me, 4 goals for Roland, and 7 goals for Us. I completed my 1001 days last October with 61/101 goals accomplished. I am so excited about how much I accomplished and learned a lot about the evolution of priorities over nearly three years. I would love to do another 101 Things list in the future, but it just feels too overwhelming for this season of my life. 3 Goals for me feels much more achievable.

On the agenda for travel we just took a trip to London at the end of March to see The Cursed Child! We purchased the play tickets nine months ago and planned the trip around that. When we realized that our timing of visiting London coincided with St. Patrick’s Day, we obviously had to add a few days in Ireland! We ended our trip with a 25 hour layover in Iceland, the reason that our plane tickets were so cheap. This was our LEAST favorite part of our trip.

In May, we are moving my cousin from Boston to Seattle and have a 9 day cross country road trip planned. I absolutely guarantee those will not be our only two trips this year, but in an effort to be intentionally slow, those are the only two planned at this point. This will hopefully give us the time to finally finish our house! I plan to give up working in the jails on a regular basis and focus in on growing my practice locally. We will also be taking a leap and Roland will be quitting his job this week to transition to a private practice closer to our home in Chestertown. We are constantly reminded that life is too short to live unhappy.  To spend so much time apart makes us unhappy. He will be here in 60 days and we will figure out the rest from there.


25 Days of Christmas

Navigating the holidays as newlyweds has been an adventure to say the least. Our families are spread across five states up and down the east coast, so we settled on rotating the holidays. This year Thanksgiving was Roland’s and we spent it with his family and their traditions. I have never missed my family more. Any advice on adjusting to holidays as a newlywed would be greatly appreciated!

I am looking forward to this Christmas for many reasons.  I can’t wait for Roland to be with my family at Christmas and experience our traditions. I know we are are both  excited to make new traditions together.

For our first Christmas together we decided to create a Christmas Bucket List. We want to make the most of this holiday season and try new things as we search to create our own family traditions. We picked 25 activities for the 25 days of Christmas. You can follow our progress on Day Zero Project!

Chelsea and Roland’s Christmas Bucket List

1) Take a photo wrapped in Christmas lights with Roland
2) Hang stockings
3) Attend a Christmas Party
4) Wear an Ugly Sweater
5) Donate a Gift
6) Watch White Christmas
7) Buy a new Christmas ornament
8) Donate money to a Bell-Ringing-Santa
9) Hang lights on the outside of the house
10) Mail out Christmas cards
11) Bake Christmas Cookies
12) Go to Christmas Town
13) Wrap gifts together by a fire
14) Drive around and look at Christmas lights
15) Put up a tree
16) Read the Christmas story in the Bible
17) Go Ice Skating
18) Drink Eggnog
19) Start a new tradition with my husband
20) Dress Ava in a Christmas sweater
21) Make an Advent Calendar
22) Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt
23) Try a new Christmas recipe
24) Fondue Picnic
25) Kiss under the Mistletoe