My Thankfulness Post

Happy November! I am down to slightly less than one year left to accomplish my 101 Things in 1001 Days. I have a lot of the list left to accomplish, but the one time sensitive item that will probably doom my list to incompletion is writing at least one blog post per week for a year as so far I have not come close. I have 353 days left which means that I am already down to only 51 weeks… Rather than be discouraged, I am reminding myself today that the purpose of the list for me was to increase my goal directed activity and make my best effort. So here goes!

In honor of November, the month of THANKS and giving, this is my list of things I am thankful for today. No particular order

  • A husband who is ready to take on the world with me
  • A beautiful wedding just over a month ago that was more amazing than we could have imagined
  • The BEST wedding photographer, Sarah Murray Photography, who took the stunning photos included in this post (and all the other photos of my wedding you will ever see posted)Alley Photo
  • Our incredibly supportive family
  • Hanging the Gallery Wall in my living room a few months ago. I can’t wait to add some of our wedding photos!
  • Consistent employment
  • My puppy dog who gives love unconditionally
  • Friends who love us and go above and beyond in so many waysC&R-523
  • A car that runs
  • Finding things that are lost (I would include specifics, but that will be a whole post in itself)
  • The cutest godchildren anyone has ever seen!BlaireDawson
  • A fireplace that my husband has already used to build several fires in this year
  • The ability and means to travel
  • Hot tea
  • Friends who want to join the 101 Things challenge and inspire me to continue to work toward my own goals. She accomplished her very first goal from her list yesterday!

There are SO many more things I am thankful for, but today I am aiming for achievable rather than exhaustive. Happy November to all!


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