Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom’s birthday. My adventurous, brave, and beautiful mother. I live 2 hours from her and don’t get to see her often enough, but today I got to celebrate her birthday with her. Roland and I met her and my Dad in a town halfway between where we each live.

It was a new restaurant to all of us, recommended by a coworker. The food took a long time. The conversation focused around work and it was mostly stories about our frustrations as none of us are too pleased with work these days. When our food finally came, it really wasn’t that good. However, in the midst of the list of things that weren’t perfect about the evening, we laughed and enjoyed each others company. I didn’t really notice until I sat to write this how many things went wrong. It was a day when it would have been easy to get caught up in the little things that didn’t matter, but I was focused on my Mom. Appreciating her and the time I could spend with her today. No matter what goes on around us, we ALWAYS have fun when we’re together.

So all I want to say today is Happy Birthday Mom! I love you and appreciate you more than you know. I’m so glad we got to spend part of your birthday with you.IMG_0082



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