The Return to Reality

The past few weeks have been amazing! Roland and I toured two countries, Ecuador and Colombia, over a two week period. We have added some awesome memories and stories to our lives as well as accomplishing six of the goals on my 101 Things list.

Standing on both sides of La Mitad del Mundo, otherwise known as the Equator line running through Ecuador.

La Mitad del Mundo

And a coffee tour in Colombia, just to name two.

Hacienda Guyabal

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting pictures and stories chronicling our South American tour.  I’m excited to share the adventures and misadventures. Since we have returned home I have accomplished converting all of the nearly 900 photos I took and have begun the process of sorting, deleting, and editing. I am glad to be home, but I didn’t miss the weather. It has snowed another five inches since our return on Saturday. Dreaming of the 70 degree weather I left behind as a I head back to work tomorrow.

On another note, Ava stayed with my parents while we were away, so my house had a short break from destruction. This morning when I went to the store, I blocked Ava in the kitchen with two baby gates (one above the other, standing about four and a half feet tall). When I returned from the store, she was out roaming the house, both baby gates still in place. She has apparently added scaling fences to her Houdini bag of tricks now. Luckily she only destroyed a box of tissues, a few pens, and a packet of soy sauce which has stained the futon. Will have to develop a new plan for the full time return to work. I still have one day’s reprieve as my roommate, a teacher, has a snow day tomorrow. That leaves about 36 hours to develop an Ava proof plan!


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