Introducing: Ava Grace

Ava Grace

Ava Grace – Adopted on January 28, 2014. Her name at the time of adoption was Tidbit. Though this name was fitting to the timid puppy I first encountered at the Humane Society, I knew that it was not who she would be forever.

Choosing her forever name was a long and difficult process. After I turned in the application to adopt her, I went home and made a list with my roommate and my boyfriend. This list included such names as:

  • Amelia – My favorite literary heroine of all time, Amelia Peabody.
  • Watson – Roland’s suggestion which I liked, but felt was better suited to a male dog.
  • Grace – I have a close friend named Grace, so this became a middle name to reduce confusion.
  • Peabody – For the same reason as Amelia.
  • Evy – To be short for Evelyn, a character from a movie I love.
  • Gwen – As either Gwenyth of Gwendolyn
  • Naomi – One of my favorite women in the Bible.
  • Bria
  • Tessa
  • Sydney
  • Minerva – Better for a stern cat.
  • Sybil

The list went on and on. For some reason, the day that we brought her home, the name Ava stuck out to me.  Ava was not even on the list. I told everyone that was my pick and they went along with it (although Roland and his roommates insist on calling her Eva, like the robot in WALL-E). When I looked up the meaning of the name Ava, I knew that the choice was made.

Ava means life.  What better name could there be for her? Life is what Ava has regained in her removal from an abusive home and adoption out of a cement and chain-link cell. Life is what you can see returning to her eyes as she learns to be cared for and loved. Life is the resurrection of her spirit, day by day. Life is what you see emanating from her as she runs full speed around the back yard, claiming it as her own.

Ava Grace. I can’t imagine a name that is more fitting to her. I may be the only one who thinks so, but she’s mine and that’s what matters 🙂

IMG_0737 Ava out experiencing snow.


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