New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is the holiday that Roland and I spend together. We’re not married and our families live hours apart from each other, so Thanksgiving and Christmas are both out.  Last year we went to Boston, where some of my family lives, and participated in First Night Boston.  This year, we decided to save some money and stick around our local area as we are planning a big trip in the spring. This was a New Year’s Eve, unplanned.

We considered a lot of options as there are three local Ball Drop celebrations in the area.  However, it didn’t feel like New Year’s Eve to watch a two foot paper creation drop ten feet as compared to the Waterford Crystal masterpiece I have watched dropping 141 feet in sixty seconds on television for the past twenty years.

We made a run to the grocery store to pick up some wine for the evening’s activities.  It was during this trip that I had a, “You know you’re getting old when…” moment.  In the grocery store Roland talked me into buying a box of wine instead of a bottle.  This whole box thing is a new experience for me as I have only ever purchased bottles.  I got a few funny looks carrying the box to the register. But it wasn’t until I reached the cashier and looked down to get my wallet that I realized that I, in fact, looked somewhat ridiculous.  I was wearing slippers and sweatpants while carrying a box of wine through the grocery store… on New Year’s Eve. After this realization, it became immediately imperative that we go out and act our age (even though we still came home to watch the ball drop on tv).

My roommate and a few friends joined in when we decided to head to downtown Salisbury’s first New Year’s Eve street party.  They had a New Year’s Resolution board for the community to sign which was fun. I’m not much of a resolutioner, but I tried it out this year. My resolution is to follow my dreams of travelling more. Here are a few of my friends signing their resolutions to the board.





It was freezing outside, so we didn’t stay for too long. Before we headed home, we made a stop at a local bar that was away from the festivities. Roland and me sporting our Mardi Gras beads from the street party.


We celebrated the New Year in my living room as planned. We watched the traditional ball drop and toasted the new year with a bottle of champagne and a few poppers.

This is the remnants of the poppers in my living room floor.


It was a nice, simple, and inexpensive evening that turned out better for being unplanned.



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