A Weekend Away

Road Trip

This is my boyfriend, Roland, and me. We spend a lot of time together. A LOT of time together. We work two jobs together and then try to fit in us time when we’re not working. You would think that because of the 40+ hours per week that we spend working together, we should spend less time together outside of work than your average couple. In the past year and nine months we have tried that and have learned through trial and substantial error that that is, in fact, not the case. In spite of the literal time we spend together, we lack quality time. A very smart person suggested to us that we take overnight or weekend trips away at least every few months. As it comes time for our bi-monthly quality time, our tempers shorten; we snap at each other over how to build a fire and whose turn it is to pay for dinner. We always know when it’s time to go and last weekend it was time.

We started discussing what we would do earlier in the week and I decided that I would plan a surprise trip (Roland LOVES surprises. When I told him, he literally put an event in our Google calendar called “Suprise!!”). My original plan, to go to Philadelphia, fell through when at the last minute a friend mentioned that she was going to a marathon. Turns out, not only was it a marathon, it was the 20th anniversary marathon, with events planned all weekend… New plan!


Atlantic City it was! On the way there, I had a little problem with the directions… We almost ended up headed for the Cape May – Lewes Ferry. For those not familiar with the Ferry, it only runs once every few hours in each direction and costs $44. Luckily, I took another look at the directions provided by my iPhone and noticed that our route was headed straight across the water. We re-routed the directions and arrived in Atlantic City in a reasonable amount of time.

Us on the Boardwalk

While we were driving, I gave Roland a clue about our destination by telling him about our near Ferry-debacle. He knew right away where we were going and was excited. However, I picked Atlantic City for two reasons: 1) because I had never been and 2) because I found really great tickets to see Gloriana that were buy one get on free.

Gloriana Tickets

We passed a billboard for the concert on the expressway at which point Roland suggested maybe we should go to the concert (success!). I told him I would look into it, but I already had something planned. He was super excited when I showed him the tickets and genuinely surprised. The seats were great, only five rows from the stage and the concert was a blast!

After the concert we walked around the Tropicana and people watched. There are definitely some characters in Atlantic City. Sunday we went to see some of the other casinos. I left $26 poorer than I entered, won’t be doing that again anytime soon.

Here is the part that makes this whole story relevant. On the way home, Maps defaulted to taking us across the Cape May Ferry when we were leaving. Again, I rerouted us around. Well, I believe there is a devil inside Siri, on top of which Maps apparently has a mind of its own. At one point we turned into a gas station and the proverbial, “Re-routing” was heard and nothing more was thought of it as we headed back out in the same direction.  We left the gas station and went on our way, or rather went on Siri’s way. All the way to Cape May. By the time we realized it, we had been driving for over an hour. And the last ferry had left an hour and a half before. The travel time to home, when we finally figured out how to remove “Ferry” from the route options which was included as generically as “Toll Roads,” was about four hours. The trip that should have taken fewer than four hours, took over six. But as I’m choosing to look at the situation, The Joy was found in the Journey. We chose not to be upset by the fact that we would not be home until almost 11pm on a Sunday.  Over all, it was a lovely and much needed trip, with a few bonus quality time hours added to the end. It was not the trip I had envisioned when I began planning for Philadelphia. But it turned out even better.