101 Things → 1001 Days

Start Date: January 26, 2014
End Date: October 23, 2016

Goals Completed: 51/101

Goals Set
Goals in Progress
Goals Completed

Life Changes

1. Adopt a dog. {Completed 1/28/14}
2. Have my Dad’s name taken off my mortgage.
3. Get my LCSW-C.{Completed 12/22/15}

Weekend Adventures

4. Take a road trip without destination.
5. New York for a weekend.
6. Go on a ski trip. {Completed 2/19/15}
7. Weekend in Williamsburg.
8. Go on three wine tours/ tastings at Maryland vineyards. {Completed 7/25/15}
9. Try three new local breweries. {Completed 6/26/15}
10. Go to Water Country USA. {Completed 8/30/14}
11. Weekend in Philadelphia.
12. Visit 10 new U.S. cities.


13. Travel to a 5th continent (Africa). {Completed 9/18/14}
14. Go to Egypt. {Completed 3/4/16}
15. Take a picture with the Pyramids. {Completed 3/6/16}
16. Travel to Italy.
17. See the Sistine Chapel.
18. Road trip to Canada with friends.
19. Go back to Ecuador.  {Completed 2/15/14}
20. Stand on both sides of the world at once. {Completed 2/24/14}
21. Travel to Colombia. {Completed 2/25/14}
22. Take a coffee tour in Colombia. {Completed 2/27/14}


23. Cook and eat at home for 30 days straight. {Completed 12/9/15}
24. Make at least ten Pinterest-inspired recipes. {Completed 7/12/14}
25. Make a three course meal.
26. Collect at least ten family recipes from my grandmothers.
27. Make and decorate a birthday cake for someone.
28. Can my own jam.
29. Make my own granola bars.
30. Make a rainbow cake.


31. Apply to have my student loans paid off.
32. Complete the 52 Week Savings Plan. {Completed 12/31/14}
33. Invest in a stock.
34. Put $10 into savings for every goal accomplished. (39/101)
35. Pay off my car loan.

Around the House

36. Paint the living room. {Completed 7/19/14}
37. Paint the dining room. {Completed 4/9/14}
38. Paint my bedroom.
39. Remove the hideous cat tail type plant that overwhelms the corner of the front yard  and attacks everyone who walks by with its razor sharp talons. {Completed 3/31/14}
40. Install a screen/ storm door. {Completed 4/12/14}
41. Buy my first piece of brand new furniture on my own. {Completed 1/26/14}
42. Plant a garden.
43. Buy gardening clippers. { Completed 3/24/14}
44. Purchase curtains. {Completed 1/21/15}
45. Hang curtains in the kitchen.
46. Hang new curtains in the living room. {Completed 6/3/14}
47. Replace all of the socket covers.
48. Replace light switch covers.
49. Find a new light for the dining room.
50. Put up new light fixtures in the downstairs bedrooms. {Completed 4/2/14}
51. Screen in the side porch. {Completed 6/21/14}
52. Unpack the last of the boxes from moving into my house.
53. Move the filing cabinet out of the hallway.  {Completed 2/10/14}
54. Buy throw pillows for the couch. {Completed 3/21/14}
55. Re-cover the chair in the living room.

Creativity and Fun

56. Accomplish at least ten Pinterest crafts. {Completed 9/25/15}
57. Write a blog post at least once a week for a year.
58. Learn more about my camera’s manual setting (Nikon D7000).
59. Take a photography class or at least watch tutorial videos on youtube.
60. Decorate for every major holiday for at least one year. {Completed 12/25/15}
61. Hang Christmas lights on the outside of my house. {Completed 12/4/15}
62. Complete a coloring book.
63. Complete a 500 piece puzzle. {Completed 5/8/14}
64. Watch the sunrise and sunset on the same day.
65. Go on a picnic.
66. Get Master’s Diploma framed.

Family and Friends

67. Make an address book. {Completed 5/16/14}
68. Send Christmas cards out. {Completed 12/30/14}
69. Send at least 10 birthday cards.
70. Read all of the Harry Potter books to Roland. (3/7)
71. Be there when someone gets their first passport stamp. {Completed 2/16/14}
72. Be in a wedding. {Completed 6/27/15}
73. Host a dinner party.
74. Frame pictures of family members and hang them in the hallway.
75. Start a game night. {Completed 10/21/15}
76. Join a book club.
77. Send flowers to my Mom. {Completed 10/23/14}
78. Send my Dad a random gift.


79. Pay a toll for the person behind me.
80. Perform a random act of kindness.
81. Volunteer my time.
82. Donate blood.
83. Sign up for a monthly donation to NPR. {Completed 4/11/14}
84. Donate to St. Jude. {Completed 3/6/14}


85. Chaperone a youth activity at my church. {Completed 1/10/15}
86. Complete a devotional book, start to finish.
87. Participate in a Bible study. {Completed 8/26/14}
88. Serve on a Chrysalis retreat.

Self-Care and Health

89. Get a facial. {Completed 5/7/16}
90. Get a real massage. {Completed 2/17/15} 
91. Take a vacation and stay home.
92. Join a gym. {Completed 1/26/14}
93. Run a 5K for a cause.
94. Get a mani/ pedi. {Completed 2/24/14}
95. Bike a 50K. {Completed 5/9/15}
96. Go bike riding on Assateague. {Completed 5/25/14}
97. Walk to the zoo. {Completed 4/20/15}

Books, Movies, and Music

98. Go to a Zac Brown Band concert.
99. Watch all of the movies that have won Best Picture at the Academy Awards.
100. Read my height in books.
101. Watch all 10 seasons of Friends. {Completed 6/2/14}

For anyone interested in participating in the 101 Things in 1001 Days challenge, you can sign up for a free account at Day Zero Project.  You can follow TheLifeDiscovered on the site to see my progress in pictures as well as receive inspiration from thousands of others sharing their achievements.  Click here to see the top 101 most common list items to help start your list.  What’s on your list?


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